2012 has started off with a BANG! Sorry it has been so long since I last blogged. I have been busy living this new exciting life that has emerged. I feel like a Phoenix or better yet as my boyfriend likes to refer to me… a Butterfly. To update you quickly on my progress, I am now down 103lbs and 8 lbs from goal. While I would love to report that I am still working out daily, I must be honest and tell you that I have had a slight hiccup in that routine. By blogging and making a public confession, I hope to be catapulted back to reality and get back in the gym faithfully.  I have still managed to lose weight through the busy holidays and I know this is only as a result of the gastric bypass surgery. I know long term weight loss is a life style change and regular exercise has to be a part of that routine but I have to be honest and say that since Christmas the concept of a changed diet and the surgery have been the factors that have kept me losing weight.

One of the benefits of surgery is a smaller stomach. Portion control has always been something I battled. The surgery has greatly assisted me with this challenge. Today I am a “cheap date”, usually not even being able to eat a child’s plate at most restaurants. This is great on the pocketbook and the waistline. Going to the grocery store is a completely different experience for me these days. You will find healthy items such as almond milk, bottled water, yogurt, chicken, tuna, sushi, high protein bars, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and low carb wraps filling my cart instead of the candy, bread, pasta, high carb processed microwave meals, pizzas, and carbonated drinks that used to litter my cart. Today I spend more time in the non grocery departments of a store than in the grocery section.  One of the most marked changes in my diet since surgery is my taste in food. Today I crave healthily choices such as salads, fish, chicken, even SUSHI with wasabi.  Mild salsa used to be too much for me; today give me wasabi and I am a happy gal! I am still amazed at the different experience I have today when I have a meal with other people. I am more concerned with the conversation and the atmosphere than I am the food in front of me or how LONG it is taking for the meal to come!

Here is a picture taken of my son, daughter and myself during the Christmas season. We are standing in front of the Cracker Barrel posing for a picture instead of rushing inside to eat. 



I pray your 2012 has started off on the right track and that our year to come beholds wonders that only God can manifest.  For me, one of those wonders will be embracing the gym again faithfully.  



Thank you Nash Surgical Weight loss for giving me a new lease on life.