Red is for Springtime – awhhhhhhh – by far my favorite season! On the way to work today, I was thinking about a favorite childhood memory.  I was about ten or eleven years old; it was springtime. I came home from school and my mother had all the windows open in the house.  There was an unforgettable aroma that I can almost smell as I write.  It was the fragrance of new life – freedom – the ability to just breathe.  Today coming to work, I realized that is how I feel, one year and six months post gastric bypass surgery - shedding one hundred and three pounds and counting. 

A quick update on what has been going on with me these last few months.      I have returned to the gym.  I am still struggling with getting into a consistent routine but I took that first step of going back.  I am still amazed at how difficult it is sometimes to just do the right thing; however, once the right action is taken, I always feel better.  That first step is just a struggle sometimes – what a phenomenon that is. Anyway, a quick funny story about the gym, so I am leaving the gym the other day, in my shorts (wearing gym shorts out in public is HUGE) and I realized I needed to run by Wal-Mart to pick up a few things.  The fact that I wore gym shorts in Wal-Mart without the fear of showing up on the “The Faces of Wal-Mart” website was priceless!

I still have a distorted concept as to the size clothes I can wear.  While trying on new dresses for Easter, I started out with dresses two sizes too large.  In the end, it was a dress a friend gave me that was a size eight (that I didn’t think I could wear) that I wore to church.  So I would say it is safe to say, I am still having some body image distortion.  This is one of the challenges I was warned about when I went to the seminars and classes offered at Nash Surgical Weight Loss before my surgery.

Two years ago this month, six months after my friend Jackie had surgery and I watched her transformation with awe, I started highly considering surgery for myself.  The first step I took was to call Nash Surgical Weight Loss and find out what I needed to do to see if I met the criteria for surgery.  I was advised to attend a half day seminar at the surgical pavilion at Nash General Hospital.  During this seminar, I would be weighed and medically screened for surgery qualification.  I was given a manual that covered every step of the process before and after surgery.  The different types of surgeries and the complications of each were discussed.  It was during this seminar I made up my mind to have the gastric by-pass instead of the lap band based on my history with dieting.  This decision would later be confirmed with other people’s experience.  Today, I still refer to that manual when I have a question about what I can or cannot do. 

I will be forever grateful to Nash Surgical Weight Loss and God for giving me a new life filled with freedom and the ability to just breathe.