Joddy AmersonWell here it is.......the evening before our "Big Day."  The past month has been rather exciting for Allison Manning-Williams and Joddy Amerson, the duo who started on this journey to weight loss back in the Summer.  We have spoken with the insurance company, paid remaining co-payments, received well wishes from co-workers and friends, had our pre-op appointment, done our final Christmas shopping, gotten our children "squared away", and last but certainly not least...we have been on a 40 grams of carbohydrates or less per day for the last two weeks.  This low carb diet is very important because it shrinks the liver so the Surgeon can have better visualization of the organs during the procedure.  So we think of it as a safety measure.  The first two days of this diet was the most difficult and then it became easier especially at work when we held each other accountable.

So everyone has asked us...."Why are you girls having this five days before Christmas?"  For a few reasons and here it goes......quite honestly it is just the way it worked out timing wise.  By the way, waiting on insurance approval was nerve racking because you go through the entire process and you think "what if I don't get approved?"  But anyway, thinking positive is the key.  Also, if we didn't have our surgeries prior to  January 1, 2013 we would have to pay our deductibles again which increase on January 1.  We will both be home on Saturday just in time for Christmas.  We have educated our husbands on how to care for us at home.  We have even explained to our little ones that "mommy may act a little loopy or even say silly things for a few days because of the medicine"  We are both so blessed to have the support from our families, friends, and co-workers.

Tonight we are both a little nervous, but excited even more so as it has felt like this day would never get here.  It's almost as exciting as going to L&D to have a baby...we are happy to be in the hospital because the end results are good.  The fact that we can't eat Christmas dinner or candies doesn't bother either of us in the least.  We are both so ready to be "the new me" that we can see beyond stuffing our faces.  It will feel good to watch others eat and have no desire for it.

Lastly, we feeel very confident in NHCS Physicians and Staff.  We have prayed about this for a long time and we know that we will be in good hands and tomorrow night  at this time we will be recovering and walking the halls on 4th floor together.  A special "thank you" to Shannon, Christina, and Kandy for their kindness, compassion, support and for giving us "very good care" since we started this journey.  We would not have chosen to go through this anywhere but NHCS.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!