The last two years and nine months have been a roller coaster ride! Not just any ol’ roller coaster though – only the Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion would fare well in comparison to my weight loss journey J  With the initial drop being a heart stopping 300 feet and speeds of 90 miles an hour, the entire ride gives honor to one of the greatest race car driver in history (in my humble opinion). In thinking about this ride and comparing it to my weight loss journey, I have experienced the same rush of adrenaline when the first 75 lbs literally fell off what seemed like overnight.  The gain of confidence that came back as the pounds melted off, the new exciting activities that filled my life, and finally the attention that I had so desperately craved from some people in my life started to manifest.  Life was great and victory was sweet.

Then it happened.. I was warned about the two year mark. “They” told me that for the first two years the weight would come off fairly quickly and almost effortlessly. After the two year mark, “they” said things would change. I would have to be diligent to not fall back into old habits of overeating and not exercising.  I was very mindful of that advice until “it” happened. My “it” was two out of state trips, back to back, to a city that is KNOWN for amazing food (New Orleans). After the last trip, I found it increasingly difficult to work out and watch the amount of food I would intake. Shortly after these trips, I would experience a personal struggle in which I would turn to food for comfort.  Being the emotional eater that I have always been, once the “cycle” started, it has been a struggle to get it back in check. As I have always said since the beginning of this journey, the surgery did not fix that hole I have in me that turns to food for comfort. So here is the part of my journey where the rubber meets the road and actions become paramount as I do NOT want to be one of the statistics that gain their weight back. Honestly, no one WANTS to gain their weight back but it happens. So the fight begins again – the fight to keep the weight off and regain control of my journey.

I have been in the exact same situation described above six years ago after I lost a hundred pounds on the Atkins diet.  I started emotionally eating and within about two months had gained back most of the lost weight. This is where the gastric bypass has been a beautiful tool in helping me to keep my backsliding to a minimal fifteen pound gain (ten of which I have already lost this month after getting my head screwed back on straight J).  There is no doubt that without the surgery I would be back where I started within a short period of time, but the gastric bypass has given me the added help I needed in regaining control.  I have been going to the gym more frequently this past month and have stopped eating sweets and carbs as often as I had been.   

I have been riding my motorcycle, one of my new found activities, more often and have even gained a special friend to share in my riding adventures.  Amazingly enough, just writing this blog has given me some much needed hope to get back on the path full steam.  As I look towards the next month in my journey, I commit to focusing on the blessings God has given me on my journey thus far.  A new season of growth has dawned, and I am once again excited about the day that has been gifted unto me.