AfterWhat an exciting time the last two months have been on my weight loss journey!  I bought my first bathing suit while at the beach during Easter and it was a size smaller than what I expected to be able to wear! I bought four really cute dresses and feel like a million bucks when I wear them. I am finally allowing pictures to be taken of me and I actually like them and don't mind them being posted (and tagged) on Face Book! These are some of the satisfying events that have happened over the last 2 months.

FINALLY after five months of getting sick almost every time I ate, I have been able to eat more solid food. While that is a good thing, the challenge came when I got on a plateau. In the past if I were to level out and not lose weight, I would become very discouraged and give up. I would return to old eating patterns and start to regain what I had lost. This time, however, the surgery prevented me physically from being able to practice that old behavior. But I have to be honest and say that unfortunately for me I was able to easily eat foods that were not part of the suggested diet (namely high carbs and sweets).The surgery prevented me from gaining any weight but the bad choices in food (and lack of intense exercise) had me on a plateau and at the end of a month and half I had only lost a pound.

A friend of mine, David had been after me to do a Body for Life – 12-week challenge with him. It is a very structured workout and diet plan that targets the mind, body and spirit. Several years ago it was one of the plans I tried. While I had some success with the workout plan, I failed miserably with the diet (which by the way is the same diet Nash Surgical Weight Loss had outlined for me – 6 small high protein - low carb meals a day.) My surgery has given me the leverage I need to be a success on the diet so it became clear it was time to focus on exercising.

Understand that when I say I HATE to exercise I am not over stating the word HATE – I am actually probably understating it. I never know what to do or how to do to get the results I want. The great thing about the Body for Life challenge is all the instructions are laid out. It is like having a personal trainer there with me.

I already had my Planet Fitness membership so it was time to start REALLY using it! So with A LOT of prayer and Jesus in hand, I started my 12-week transformation on May 23, 2011. WOW… this time (post surgery) the results are unbelievable -- I lost 5.6lbs the first week! It has been challenging to get up at 5am every morning and go to the gym, but the energy I have afterwards is amazing!

So what I really learned this past two months is what I already knew – that surgery alone is NOT going to "fix" my weight issue. It is a WONDERFUL tool to physically restrict me in my diet but unless I exercise and make healthy choices I will not make my goal. Good is sometimes the enemy of the BEST -  Losing seventy-three pounds and looking good is better than where I was when I first had surgery but today I want to have the BEST body, mind and spirit that I can have.

In the beginning good only required a minimal amount of effort to get results – the BEST requires dedication, commitment and LOTS of prayer! I have lost a total of eighty-two pounds in thirty-one weeks and only have twenty-nine more pounds til I achieve my goal. I am feeling stronger and healthier each and every day. I am so grateful for the opportunity Nash Surgical Weight loss Center and  Dr Naziri have given me!!