This past weekend was one of the most exciting weekends on my journey to date (seems I say that with each new adventure   ). I had my first "skinny" beach trip (as one of my friends called it). I went to Hatteras with three of my dearest friends. We had a BLAST! We stayed with the sister and husband of one of my friends. Beautiful - fairytale beach house! She and her husband are as sweet as homemade molasses!

We went fishing on their boat (got quite a bit of sun ) - ate the most amazing FRESH tuna salad that her sister made - SHOPPED and SHOPPED and then SHOPPED some more - sat out on the beach. I was amazed at the level of energy I had to do all we did in three days. When we shopped on Ocracoke Island for two days - we walked and walked and walked some more and I was able to keep up. The last day found us lounging on the beach - laughing, playing in the ocean and acting like children again. OH so much fun was had!

In the mist of all that - one of my friends stole my phone and took a picture of me in my bathing suit. Later that evening as I was uploading my pictures of the day to facebook - I uploaded that picture thinking it was one of my friends (on the phone it was hard to really SEE the picture as it was a little dark). When two of my facebook friends commented on the photo, I found their comments odd but didn't think too much of it. I got on my computer later that evening and started looking at the pictures in "real size" - imagine my surprise when I saw it was ME not my friend who was in the bathing suit!!

Prior to surgery Oct 28, 2011 - I would have found it VERY difficult to be on the beach in a bathing suit and would have refused to have ANY pictures taken of me. But uploading them to facebook for the "world" to see.. NEVER NEVER NEVER in a million years would that have happened. That being said - I will share that photo with you guys as well. Understand this is a HUGE step for me - it is one thing to share pictures that are clothed and yet another to share one in a bathing suit.

Much love and gratitude go out to my friends (old and new) who shared this weekend with me

Now for the size 10.. another friend of mine who had surgery a month before I did has been sharing her clothes as she "out-shrinks" them. Her latest gift was a size 10 pair of white jeans and two darling tops. When I first saw the jeans, I said to myself.. there is NO WAY I can get into these things but I will save them for later. The thought came to me .. why don't you just try them to SEE how far you have to go before you can wear them. I almost started crying when I got them on and zipped them! What a blessing it is to have a friend walking this journey with me. We are "out-shrinking" clothes so fast it is nice to have someone to share clothes.

 Much love and appreciation to my friend who shares her clothes with me


 Lastly LOTS of love and appreciation to Nash Surgical Weight Loss and Dr Naziri for this gift of a new life! LIFE IS GOOD!!