....I am physically sick and don't feel like working out;  when I step on the scales and the number is the same as the two weeks before; when I am having a "fat day". Until now I have blogged about all the COOL exciting stuff going on in my life. I figured it was time to let you in on a little secret - Sometimes it is VERY difficult to stay on the path and stay motivated. I try my best to be positive and focus on the positive and not dwell on the negative but let's face it - I am human so some times that is very difficult. When those moments/days or weeks come, some of the things that I do to stay on track are pray more, make a harder effort to focus on the positive (no matter how small it is), reach out to more people to encourage on their journey, realize that Rome wasn't built in a day - so I am NOT going to get to goal in a month, realize that feelings forever change so I take actions based on principles and not feelings (Go workout even if I feel bad cause I will feel better afterwards and if I don't then at least I do not have the "beat me up attitude" on top of not feeling well). These are a handful of things I do to stay on course.

A friend of mine once mentioned her LOVE for turtles. Not being much of a "turtle lover" I was curious as to her affection for them so I listened closely as she told her story. She talked of the childhood story about the Turtle and the Hare. How the turtle won the race not because he was faster than the hare but because he stay on the path. Needless to say when I heard her explanation I immediately thought of my life long weight loss journey. How I always want to be fifty pounds lighter overnight and am disappointed when it didn't happen. Now when this thought process starts in my brain.. I think of my friends example - look at ALL my turtle's I now have sitting around (as I now am a TURTLE LOVER myself lol) and say to myself "Stay on the path Amy - you WILL make your goal IF you stay on the path".

So when weeks like I have just had come where I am physically challenged with a severe allergies that have left me drained and feeling super weak, I use all of the things I mentioned earlier and then look at a picture of me ten months ago and compare it to a picture of me today - in my "my skinny jeans". I smile - realizing that Rome wasn't built in a day but rather over time. Then I look in my Inbox and a friend of mine has reached out to me for help on her journey. Awhhh what a blessing it is to use my experience to help her.

Thank God for the days of struggle as it makes the victory that much sweeter.

Thank you Nash Surgical Weight Loss!

October 16th, 2010 - Kings Dominion
Oct 16, 2010 - Kings Dominion
August 5, 2011
August 5, 2011